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Categories Element

Create beautiful overview of your Shop categories. There is almost unlimited variations, but here are some examples.




[title style=”center” text=”Simple”]

[ux_product_categories style=”normal”]

[title style=”center” text=”Badge style”]


[title style=”center” text=”Overlay Style”]

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[title style=”center” text=”Grid style”]

[ux_product_categories style=”overlay” type=”grid” grid=”3″ columns=”3″ animate=”fadeInLeft” number=”4″ orderby=”name” image_size=”large” image_overlay=”rgba(38, 38, 38, 0.16)” text_pos=”middle” text_size=”large”]

[title style=”center” text=”Circle Style”]

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[section bg_color=”rgb(51, 51, 51)” dark=”true”]

[title style=”center” text=”Be creative! Mix and match settings”]

[ux_product_categories style=”overlay” type=”grid” grid=”13″ col_spacing=”small” columns=”3″ depth_hover=”5″ animate=”fadeInLeft” number=”5″ orderby=”name” image_size=”large” image_overlay=”rgba(38, 38, 38, 0.16)” image_hover=”color” image_hover_alt=”zoom-long” text_pos=”middle” text_size=”large”]


Kami menyediakan aneka Herbal yang memiliki registrasi di BPOM
Kadaluarsa yang panjang
Produk yang kami jual memiliki kadaluarsa produk yang panjang sesuai aturan yang berlaku di masing-masing produk
Asli dan bergaransi
Produk kami dijamin Asli dan berkualitas, kami memberikan garansi uang kembali jika produk kami tidak asli
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